Dog Owner? You Could Be Fined £100 If You Don’t Carry Poo Bags

Next time you’re walking your four-legged friend, make sure you carry poo bags. If you’re caught without, you could be fined £100.

Dog owners, beware! In a bid to tackle dog muck being left on the streets, you could be fined £100 if you’re spotted walking your dog without carrying poo bags.

The fine means offenders who fail to pay the £100 penalty within seven days will face prosecution and a potential £1,000 fine.

So, dog walkers, make sure you remember your poo bags! It’s really easy to keep them with you when you’re out walking, there are even leads available now with poo bag dispensers attached.

Here are our top product picks to make sure you avoid this fine:

Pet Waste Bone Bag Holder


This carrier comes with 10 free poo bags, so not only is it cute, it’s practical too!

Wilko Pet Waste Bags and Dispenser


This poo bag dispenser is less than two quid – bargain.

Ezee Paws Dog Poo Waste Bag Holder Dispenser With Lead Attachment and Key Clip


This handy dispenser clips onto keys and leads, you’ll always have a bag on hand.

Wilko Pet Waste Bags Refill 60pk


If you just fancy grabbing some poo bags to keep in your coat pocket, you can get 60 for £1.70 at Wilko.

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