Dog walkers set for £100 fines!


Dog walkers set for £100 fines!

There is a new fine in place which means that dog walkers can now be fined £100 simply for leaving the house without a ‘poop bag’.

The fine will be doled out under a ‘Public Space Protection Order’ and can be issued even if your dog hasn’t fouled.

Anyone who fails to pay the fine within seven days could face a further fine of £1,000 and even prosecution! Special enforcement officers will now be asking dog owners to show how they can clean up after their pet (with bags).

The measure has been introduced by Daventry Council in Northamptonshire and is believed to be the first time pre-emptive measures against irresponsible dog owners have been taken. It will come into force on December 1 this year.

If successful the measure could be adopted by other councils and rolled out across the country.

CLICK HERE to read more over on The Metro.

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