Dominos deliveries have just got better

Dominos deliveries have just got better

This is a complete game changer!

Ever been stuck on a long train journey and all you want is a Dominos pizza?

Well now you can get your Dominos delivered to your train! See the video below…

DJ Artwork was on his way to Sheffield from a gig in Glasgow which is a five-hour journey. He had forgotten to grab something to eat before the train set off.

He took to Twitter to discuss his options with fans, even asking if a fan would bring him some food to a platform.

Someone advised him to try to get a pizza delivered to the train, he decided to give it a go.

He called Dominos and successfully placed an order!

Once the train pulled up at the platform in Darlington, he was greeted by 3 Dominos workers with his order!

DJ Artwork said: “They were blinding. People on the train could hear me trying to order the food, and when the lady asked for a postcode I had to say ‘it’s a train, it hasn’t got a postcode’. Everyone was giggling. There was a big build up, waiting to see if it would happen. It was quite tense and I was starving.”

This man is a legend!

See the latest deals and offers from Dominos here…

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