Don’t Buy Branded Medicine

Don’t buy branded medicine, always go for the generic brand.

It’s not a myth, you really are simply paying for a brand name!

I have updated this post as the press have picked up on branded/generic medication rip offs. I have been telling everyone about this for the past year and have first hand experience with this. Read on and you may be surprised just how much money you can save buy buying generic brands…

I used to work in a pharmacy before I started Ashleigh Money Saver full time and it is common knowledge in the pharmacy industry that generic brands are the same as the branded versions – some items are even exactly the same drug but sold for different ailments!

For example, Sudafed for blocked nose and Sudafed for muscus is exactly the same – but you are often charged a higher price for one of them!

The product number is 15513/0074 for both items – This means the product is EXACTLY the same.

It is always worth checking product licences when you are buying medication.

We used to get a lot of customers coming in for Calpol, I would explain to them that paracetamol suspension is exactly the same and it is what you would get if you got a prescription for it from the doctor, however some customers still wanted Calpol because ‘it worked better’ which is not the case but the ingredients are EXACTLY the same. 

When you visit a GP, 9 times out of 10, they will give you a prescription for the generic version of the medication rather than the branded product.

Now lets take a look at the difference in price of some medication to show you just how much you can save…

I have taken prices from Chemist Direct.

  • Brand Calpol infant suspension 200mg £4.71 – Generic alternative Paracetamol infant suspension 200ml £1.65
  • Brand Panadol tablets 32 pack £3.75 – Generic alternative RelonChem Paracetamol 32 pack 45p
  • Brand Nurofen 200mg 16 pack £2.33 – Generic alternative Bristol Ibuprofen 24 pack 69p
  • Brand Clarityn Rapide Allergy 10mg Tablets £3.69 – Generic alternative RelonChem Loratadine 10mg tablets 30 pack 79p
  • Brand Gaviscon advance liquid peppermint 500ml £10.40 – Generic alternative Peptac liquid 500ml £3.45
  • Brand Imodium capsules 18 pack £5.29 – Generic alternative Loperamide capsules 20 pack 37p

If you were to buy each of these items and swap to the generic versions, you would save a whopping £22.77!

If you are unsure about any medicines or you are on any other medication, check with the pharmacist before you buy anything. 

You may also qualify for free medication if you are on certain benefits, which is a great scheme as it frees up GP appointments as you are able to be assessed by a pharmacist instead. Ask your local pharmacy if they do the Pharmacy First or Care Of The Chemist Scheme.

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