Don’t fall for this Apple scam

Don’t fall for this Apple scam

It looks genuine at first glance…

There is a new Apple scam going around and it looks a lot more believable than the ones that have happened in the past, I think a few people may fall for this so please help spread the word.

You receive an e-mail from Apple saying ‘Your Apple ID information has been updated.’

I myself received the e-mail this morning and it read;

”Dear ashleigh*******,

The following changes to your Apple ID (ashleigh******* were made on 09 August 2016 at 08:37:35 (GMT):

Date of birth
Security question(s) and answer(s)
Credit Card

If you did not make these changes or if you believe an unauthorised person has accessed your account, you should change your password as soon as possible from your Apple ID account page at http:/

Apple Support”

Don't fall for this Apple scam

I know I hadn’t updated any of my information so I checked to see who had sent the e-mail and it come from ‘[email protected]’ which is definitly not a genuine Apple e-mail address – so this e-mail is indeed a scam.

Don't fall for this Apple scam

I didn’t click on the link but if I had of it could have put a virus on my computer or asked me to enter the correct date of birth, security questions and answers and my credit card details – given scammers full access to my card details and they could even use the d.o.b and security Q&A’s to access other accounts I hold.

So please, do not fall for this scam. Please help spread the word – remember, ALWAYS check who the e-mail is from…

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