How to know if a website is a scam

How to know if a website is a scam

We are all worried incase we fall victim to scammers while shopping online.

There are ways to prevent this from happing and my 3 top tips should help you keep yourself safe online…

  • Never give out your bank/card details when requesting a free sample. This kind of scam is on the rise, in the small print it will usually say that you are also signing up to a monthly direct debit payment of £79.99
  •  If a deal looks too good to be true then it usually is, so people say. I have proved that isn’t always the case though. All websites I post are checked before posting.
  • If you want to check a website yourself then use Scam Advisor. This is a great website and I have been using it for years. You enter the website address into the search bar on Scam Advisor and this will bring up a website report. It will give you a trust rating of between 0% – 100% . The rating is based on things such as how long the website has been running, where the website is based, the reviews and feedback on other websites about it. So if a well known retailer has a negative feedback rating this is simply because there have been lots of complaints about that retailer such as slow or late delivery, poor quality products etc.

Please pass this on to friends and family so they know about Scam Advisor…

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