Don’t get tricked into being a personal shoplifter

Don’t get tricked into being a personal shoplifter

Yep, you did read that correctly!

A woman has been arrested for theft has claimed she was “working undercover” for a company called Mystery Shopping UK.

The woman was asked to go into Boots and Wilkinsons in Torquay and steal various items and then send it on to Mystery Shopping UK.

However, it’s a job that, of course, doesn’t actually exist.

Police in Manchester have issued a warning about the scam, which was first uncovered in Devon.

Greater Manchester Police Failsworth and Hollinwood wrote on its Facebook page. “If any of you have students looking for a summer job, it’s something to bear in mind.”

“The website exists and at first looks legitimate but it is not possible to get through to anyone or leave any messages when calling the advised number.”

Please help spread the word to ensure no one takes up a similar job…

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