Don’t hand over contactless bank card in store

Don’t hand over contactless bank card in store

What do you think of contactless payment?

Personally I love it because it is so much quicker and easier to use. I do believe it is safe too as you can only spend up to £30 at a time when using contactless and after using contactless 3 times you must use the card machine properly and enter your pin.

In the UK the popularity of contactless payment is on the rise. Contactless payment rose from £2.32 billion in 2014 to £7.75 billion last year.

However, handing over your contactless card instore could leave you open to fraud.

If you plan on using the contactless option on your card ALWAYS do it yourself, do not allow the staff member to do it for you.

The card ‘should always stay in the customer’s hand’ according to the UK Cards Association’s best practice guidelines, which was reported in The Telegraph.

”Customers are being made vulnerable to having their card skimmed (fraudulently copied) if they hand their card over, so they should refuse when asked to do this.” Said Andrew Goodwill from The Goodwill group.

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