Don’t hire a car abroad without reading this!

Don’t hire a car abroad without reading this!

Are you going abroad on holiday this year and thinking about hiring a car? If so then make sure you are fully aware of the new system before you go! 

The paper part of everybody’s driver’s licence has now been abolished, meaning that those who are planning on hiring a car abroad will need to give the companies other requirements to show any offences and endorsements. 

These requirements can be accessed through the DVLA website, however, since the new system is only in it’s first few days of running, many people have been thrown by the need to visit the site and the fact that they would need a national insurance number. Therefore it’s important if you are planning on hiring a car, you gather all of the information you need well in advance. 


Drivers needing to provide their driving record to car hire companies will need to have viewed their licence information online and also generated a check code so details can be shared with third parties. 

These changes will affect drivers in England, Wales and Scotland. 

You can view your driving licence information at

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