Don’t Miss Out On This AMAZING BT Mobile Deal!

Do you, or your kids, use up all your phone’s internet data in just a few weeks? This BT SIM deal would be perfect for you! With a whopping 6GB of data, unlimited texts and minutes from only £12 a month, you’ll never be landed with a hefty phone bill again. Plus, you get a free £75 Amazon or iTunes gift card – bonus!

Although you need to be an existing BT customer to get the £12 rate, non-BT customers can get the same deal (unlimited texts and minutes, 6GB of data and a free Amazon or iTunes gift card) for a not-so-shabby £17 per month.

What is Family SIM?

Get more, spend less.

With BT’s Family SIM, you get your own data and free unlimited BT WiFi – all in one great plan for the whole family!

If your whole family are ready for a new SIM deal, I’d really recommend taking advantage of this deal – the more you buy, the more you save.

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You can add up to five different SIMs, all with their own data and you have the flexibility of being able to add and remove SIMs as and when you like. Your SIM has a 12 month contract, but any additional SIMs are even more flexible and can have just a 30 day term. I think it’s brilliant that you save more money for buying more SIMS, £34 per month for 3 SIMs with this deal is absolutely amazing, my friend is with a different provider and pays £60+ per month for her phone alone!

With Family SIM, you have complete control over your family’s spending. The whole gang’s phone costs go onto one bill and one plan so you can manage everything – it’s all in your hands!

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