Doritos Have Released New Crisps And They Look Amazing!

Are you a massive Doritos lover and once you start a share bag you just can’t get enough? Well you’ll be excited to hear that the brand has released two exciting new snacks!

The crisps which have been named Doritos Bits come in two flavours, barbecue and spicy cheese, and they look delicious!

Rather than their iconic triangular shape, the new crisps look like tiny pieces of pasta, and look a bit like the yummy left over pieces you get at the bottom of a packet.

The crisps are reportedly due to hit shelves within the next few weeks and are being sold for 75p a bag.

The packets are smaller and hold 33g of the crisps unlike the usual 55g of classic Doritos.

They are healthier than a Tangy cheese grab bag though which contains 724 calories, whereas the Doritos bits contain 175 and 183 calories depending on the flavour.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to try them!

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