Doritos Have Released New TWO Flavour Packs For Under £2!

Love Doritos but can never decide on a flavour? Well the brands latest release is making the decision a whole lot easier!

Doritos have solved all of our snacking problems by creating bags of their famous crisps which include TWO flavours, and they’re called Doritos Collisions!

There are two 162g share bags to choose from which include; Honey Glazed Rib and Lemon, and Habanero Chilli and Guacamole.

Sharing with a partner or friend and you both like a different flavour in the pack? Worry not, the crisps are slightly different colours so hopefully you’ll be able to tell them apart.

Unfortunately if you’re a fan of the original flavours like Tangy Cheese or Cool Original, the brand doesn’t yet make Collisions bags including those flavours, but these new ones do sound super interesting!

The packs of crisps are a bit more expensive than your usual bag of Chilli Heatwave, costing a pricier £1.98 in comparison to the original £1, but you are getting two flavours.

If you’re wanting to get your hands on a bag or two ahead of this weeks World Cup matches, you can find them on Morrisons shelves now.

Images: Doritos
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