Drawing Pins Hidden under Baby Changing Mat

Drawing pins hidden under baby changing mat

A furious mother has told how her baby son was injured because of drawing pins hidden under a changing mat.

Usually when I report on news stories on my website I try and not take sides, however, I would just like to say to whoever done this – you are scum.

drawing pins hidden under baby changing mat

Hayley Turner, from Oxfordshire shared a post on Facebook saying ”I don’t normally post things like this but I’m guessing if it happened to me it could happen to someone else, so I thought I’d spread a little word of warning to prevent it happening in the future. Today I changed Samuel’s nappy on a public changing mat, somewhere I trust to be a safe place. When I laid him down he screamed. I dismissed it as him being tired, cold and grumpy so I changed him as quickly as possible so I could give him a cuddle and calm him down. It turns out some lowlife scum thought it would be “fun” to deliberately put drawing pins in the bottom of the changing mat. Our poor baby boy was laid on pins! And because he isn’t old enough to tell me it hurt, he now looks like a pin cushion with five holes in total! Angry doesn’t even cover it. It’s quite sad to think this has to be done but my word of warning is to check your changing mats

The post has attracted a lot of shares and comments with many furious responses from parents who have thanked Hayley for the warning.

So next time you’re out in public and are using a public changing mat – give it a quick check over.

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