DVLA code needed to hire a car from 8th June

DVLA code needed to hire a car from 8th June

Are you going abroad this year and will be planning on hiring a car? If so you’ll need to be aware of this big change in order for you not to be caught short! From 8th June the paper part of your  driving license will be scrapped and replaced with a new online system, which could cause car chaos. 

Tourists going abroad from 8th June have been warned that they may need to take a special code with them if they are planning on hiring a car which will show convictions for offences like speeding. To get this code, you will need to visit the DVLA website before you go or alternatively you will be able to ring the DVLA on 03007906801. 


You will need to provide your driving licence number found on your photocard (or on your paper driving licence for paper-only motorists), National Insurance number and the postcode on your driving licence in order to receive your code.

However, the code is not an official requirement and it will depend on the individual hire company’s terms whether or not it is required. Once you’ve got your code, it will only be valid for 72 hours so travellers will have to be mindful of time differences!

The code system has not been put into place yet and the DVLA will publish more information before June 8th!


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