Earn Rewards For Participating In Surveys With Kantar TNS

Kantar TNS postal surveys are a great way for people like YOU to earn rewards!

Want to get fantastic rewards while doing a job which is easy and interesting? Well Kantar TNS is helping you to do just that!

What are Kantar TNS postal surveys? They are fantastic surveys that help your postal service providers to improve themselves by engaging with people just like you!

If you join the growing community of panellists you will be rewarded with regular brilliant incentives and you could be receiving shopping vouchers, cash transfers and stamps for your birthday and Christmas cards!

You will even get the chance to be entered in regular prize draws, and can receive amazing technology such as tablets and phones!

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Being on the panel is a fantastic way for you to help, as you complete surveys that help your postal providers improve themselves for their customers and the public, ensuring they’re receiving the best possible service.

Sometimes you will even be able to see the impact of your contributions too.

The surveys focus mainly on sending/ receiving mail items and recording the actions you take relating to the mail you receive, so it’s pretty simple and there’s something for everyone.

Kantar TNS is different because they like to build long term relationships with their panellists and participation varies as some surveys are long-term measurements.

You, as a panellist, can record information via the website on a weekly or daily basis, some having a period of participation followed by a rest period.

Many people like you have been helping Kantar TNS from months up to years and have been claiming their incredible rewards the entire time.

If you fancy being part of this fantastic service while claiming wonderful rewards, click here to join today!

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