Earn rewards with Valued Opinions

Earn rewards with Valued Opinions

Fill out surveys to earn rewards

Valued opinions let users earn rewards for filling out surveys and it is so easy to get started!

Filling out surveys with Valued Opinions allows you to collect cash which you can exchange for rewards. This is a great idea and allows you to get some fantastic products for free, perfect to put away for Christmas, birthdays or even treat yourself with.

What do you need to sign up – you don’t need to provide a huge amount of information in order to get an account:





Phone number


However, there is a lot of information you can give to complete your profile – this will ensure you get more surveys and more valuable rewards.

What sort of questions will you be asked?

Survey questions can range from anything really but here are some example questions:

1.        How far in advance do you plan Christmas?

·         1-4 weeks

·         2-3 months

·         3-6 months

·         6 months to a year

·         1 year +

·         Don’t celebrate Christmas


2.        How do you save for Christmas?

a.        Budgeting monthly

b.        Christmas saving packages

c.        Credit Cards or loans

d.        Don’t Save

e.        Don’t celebrate Christmas


3.        Where do you buy your Christmas dinner?

a.        Tesco

b.        Sainsbury’s

c.        Asda

d.        Lidl

e.        Aldi

f.         Morrison’s

g.        M&S

h.        Waitrose

i.         Other


4.        Where do you buy your Christmas shopping?

a.        Amazon

b.        Argos (Online)

c.        Topshop

d.        Ebay

e.        Topman

f.         Burton

g.        M&S

h.        John Lewis

i.         Miss Selfridge

j.         Supermarkets

k.        Other

How soon after signing up will I start to receive surveys?

Surveys should start coming through immediately.

How long will each survey take?

The surveys are usually 10 to 15 minutes, though more rewarding ones are sometimes longer.

How are you rewarded?

After each survey is completed the amount is added to your account.

How soon will you receive your reward?

When you reach 8.50, you can choose which reward you’d like (Amazon/Topshop etc)

How long will it take to earn a reward

It usually takes between a week and two weeks to reach £8.

Once chosen the voucher is allocated electronically into your email and can be redeemed immediately.

Which retailers are included in the rewards?

Vouchers can be redeemed from Amazon, Topshop, Topman, Burton, Miss Selfridge, Cineworld, Boots, Argos, M&S, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s etc.

Christmas cinema movies for Cineworld, electronics from Amazon on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas Dinner from M&S/John Lewis or Waitrose/Sainsbury’s, toys from Argos etc etc.

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