Helpful Little Swaps With Tesco – Get 50% Off Selected Products

Hands up, who’s New Year’s Resolutions are already long forgotten? If you promised to eat healthier this year and want to kickstart your Resolution back up in time for summer, or just want to make some healthy, helpful little swaps with your family look no further than Tesco.

Sometimes, less is more. Like in the case of food and drink that contain less sugar, salt and fat. Reducing those does more to help you stay on track with a well-balanced diet. Tesco are helping families make better choices easily, they’ve reformulated 2,162 products since January 2016 and removed a lot of sugar, salt and saturated fat (8,000 tonnes of it, in fact), while making sure they still taste great.

 With fantastic offers on their top food swaps, ever expanding ‘Free From’ range and free fruit in-store for kids, Tesco really is a fantastic place to shop.  Right now Tesco are even offering a one month FREE trial of their unlimited Delivery Saver home delivery. There’s no better time to give Tesco a try!

Free From Foods

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Tesco’s award winning ‘Free From’ food range is fab if you have any food intolerances, but equally fantastic if you want to reduce the amount of gluten, wheat or dairy that you’re eating.

Food Love Stories

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If you struggle to find ideas for family meals, Tesco Food Love Stories is a brilliant resource for healthy swap inspiration!

Six Snack Staples

Here are 6 of my favourite healthy food swaps…

1. Fibre One Chocolate Brownie


If you haven’t tried these 90 calorie brownies yet, you’re missing out! I love to heat these up in the microwave for a super indulgent treat without the guilt. They’re better than half price at Tesco here.

2. Get Fruity Marvellous Mango Bar 4 Pack


Got a little one with a big sweet tooth? They’ll love finding these bars in their lunch box. Get them for only £1.75 here.

3. Frylight Better Than Butter Oil Spray


Frylight is a fab replacement for butter or oil, and it’s only 1 calorie per spray. Get it for only £1.50 here.

4. Heinz Baked Beans No Added Sugar


Sometimes nothing hits the spot like beans on toast! These no added sugar beans are a steal at £2 for 4 cans, find them here.

5. Kellogg’s Reduced Sugar Frosties


If your kids love Frosties but you’re wary about the sugar content, this 30% less sugar version is perfect! Save over £1 on this big box here.

6. Popchips BBQ Chips


These are hands down my favourite crisps, they’re absolutely delicious! For only £1 a bag, you need to give these a try here.

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