Echo Falls Is Now Selling Fruity Vodka, But Is It As Affordable As Their Wines?

If your favourite tipple is vodka, then you’ll definitely want to try this new summery release from Echo Falls this season!

The brand which is famous for its popular fruity wines has launched its own vodka just in time for the warmer season!

Of course it isn’t your usual standard vodka. Echo Falls is rivalling brands such as Smirnoff by giving their new tipple a twist, adding their signature flavours to create a Summer Berries infused spirit.

The bottle reads; “Surprise! Fruity vodka! Simply Summer Berries – give your glass of lemonade or cola a fruity twist by adding 25ml of Echo Falls Summer Berries flavoured vodka.”

We don’t know about you, but we think it sounds like the perfect summer garden party refreshment!

As we know, one of the best things about Echo Falls is the affordable price tags on their delicious wines, and it looks like their new vodka is a great price too!

You can get your hands on a 70cl bottle of the new spirit at just £12.99 from Bargain Booze, and £16.00 from Tesco.

So, if you love your spirits and are looking for something fresh to try this summer, you’ll definitely want to give Echo Falls new vodka a whirl!


Image: Echo Falls


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