EE Free Power Bar

EE free power bar

EE are to launch a new campaign where they will give every customer a free phone charging device that they can use to power up their mobile phone when out and about.

The EE “Power Bar” can be charged up at home or you can swap it at any time and for free at an EE store for a fresh one. The bar will take around four hours to charge up completely from flat or if you are out and about, you can just swap it in for a new one.

The Power Bar has a 2,600mAh capacity and will let you completely charge a dead smartphone battery once, or even one and a half times depending on the model of your smart phone.

It has a charging indicator that will show how much charge is left and it and also doubles as an LED torch.

I love this idea as I often worry about being left without charge on my mobile, which isn’t good for me as I have a heart condition so I always need a full battery.

To take advantage of the offer follow the simple instructions below… 

  • Text POWER to 365
  • You will receive a text back with a code that can be redeemed at any EE store
  • Visit the EE store and pick up your free Power Bar!

We have since found out that this offer isn’t all that it seems…

For all information, click here….

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