EE Power Bar Update! Safety Recall.

EE Power Bar Update! Safety Recall.

This has NEW information in, so make sure you read the full article…

A while ago I wrote an article on the free EE power bars after one exploded in a young student’s hand, burning her severely and almost burning her house down too. You can read more about it here.

Now EE have released an important statement to everybody who has one of the power bars.

After investigations into the incident found a serious fault in some of the chargers which can cause them to overheat and even explode.

EE have said ‘We’re recalling ALL power bars and request that customers stop using them and return their device to a local EE store at their earliest convenience.”

When you return your Power Bar to an EE Store you will be given a £20 voucher if you are an eligible EE customer. One of the team there will give you instructions about how to claim your voucher. You’ll be able to redeem your voucher at

 Over 1.5 million power bars have been issued since the free scheme was launched in April.

CLICK HERE to find out what you can do with yours.

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