DON’T MISS – Amazing Pay Monthly EE SIM deals!

EE have some amazing SIM deals right now, but they won’t be around for long.

Check out these EE offers!

On the hunt for a new SIM deal? Look no further than EE! Act fast though, these unmissable savings are only for a limited time.

Wondering what a SIM only plan is? Well, they can be a really handy way to save money! With a SIM only plan, you supply the device (phone or tablet), and the mobile service provider like EE supplies the network (your minutes, calls, and internet data). It’s a fantastic way to get all the benefits of being an EE customer but you save money by not having to buy a new device. A SIM only deal covers just the mobile service, it’s much cheaper than a traditional mobile contract where you also pay for a new device. It’s great for all you money savers out there as you only pay for the minutes, texts, and data that you want – without having to fork out hundreds of pounds for a new handset.

A SIM only plan would be great for you if:

  • You already love your phone, but want a great new deal on minutes, texts, and data.
  • It’s time for your upgrade, but you don’t need or want a new phone.
  • You’d like some more flexibility or don’t want to be tied down to a longer contract. You can get SIM only plans from 30 days, to 12 months!

4 fab reasons to pick an EE Monthly Sim

1. 4G in more places

EE bring you 4G in more places than any other phone provider in the UK, which is seriously impressive!

2. Get Apple Music

Enjoy six whole months of Apple Music on EE! Make the most of your 4G by listening to all your favourite songs.

3. Don’t worry about your data

Say goodbye to being landed with a massive monthly phone bill! EE have data caps which mean you never go over your data allowance by accident.

4. UK & Ireland call centres

How handy?! If you need to get in touch with EE, all your calls are answered in UK and Ireland call centres.

One great deal that EE have on SIMs right now is the 25GB data and unlimited calls and texts for only £20 per month! This is a special Black Friday plan, perfect for anyone who loves scrolling through social media! This plan lasts a year, which gives you the flexibility to change your mobile handset whenever you like, no more waiting for your contract to end to change your phone.

Another fantastic deal is the 30GB SIM for just £25. Enjoy a huge 30GB of data, unlimited texts and minutes, 6 months FREE Apple Music and 3 months FREE BT Sports app!

Take a look at EE’s SIM Only deals.

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