Eggcellent Chocolate Goodies For Easter

Looking to stock up on Easter eggs to give away as gifts, or just fancy treating yourself to something sweet but want something a little different to your classic chocolate egg? Check out these fun and alternative eggs perfect for people of all ages and chocolate tastes…


If your little one is just obsessed with Peter Rabbit at the moment, why not buy them this adorable easter egg set from JD Williams? It includes both a classic Cadbury easter egg as a sweet treat, and and a super cute Peter Rabbit soft toy for them to keep.


Why not do something super fun on Easter Sunday and set up an egg hunt for the kids? Including 8 small chocolate eggs filled with smarties, the kids are sure to have fun collecting these little treats from JD Williams!


£4.00 or Any 3 for £10.00

If you’re looking for chocolate that’s a little more sophisticated, why not buy this Ferrero Rocher egg filled with 16 delicious, individually wrapped Ferrero Rocher chocolates? It’s the perfect Easter gift for adults.


£4.00 0r Any 3 for £10.00

We all know someone who adores a Bounty, and ends up buying them in bulk on the occasion they do come across them in-store, because sometime’s it can be a rarity. This box includes a hollow chocolate egg and 2 full size Bounty bars that they’re sure to love!

£4.00 or Any 3 for £10.00

If you have gone mad for the new orange Smarties this year, why not indulge in this themed Easter egg? It includes a classic chocolate egg with special orange mini eggs too!

£4.00 or Any 3 for £10.00

Been having major withdrawal symptoms from Terry’s Chocolate Orange since Christmas? Well good news, they’re back in traditional Easter form! This set includes a tasty egg and two full size chocolate orange bars too, so you can get your favourite chocolate orange fix in bulk.

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