The end of our cheap petrol!

The end of our cheap petrol!

The price of our petrol has been a hot topic over the past few months as prices recently hit an all-time low. And nobody was complaining.

But now it seems as though we can say goodbye to those days of cheap fuel. Last month we seen a 3p rise in the cost of fuel and apparently it won’t be stopping there.

Supermarkets have been charging less that one pound for a litre of unleaded over the past eight months, but now we may have to sit back and watch it climb back up.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams told The Sun: “With an important oil production meeting in mid-April, more bad news may be on the horizon.”

Simon added: “The good times for lower fuel prices had to come to an end. Unfortunately it’s happened with a bit more of a bump than motorists were probably expecting.”

Last month saw a rise to an average of 105.26p a litre which added £1.08 to the cost of filling a typical car, taking the bill to £57.89. Diesel rose 4p a litre. The good times had to end eventually I just hope prices don’t creep up as high as they did in 2012 when unleaded was 142p a litre and Diesel 150p.

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