End of roaming rip-off!

End of roaming rip-off!

There’s only one thing more depressing than coming home from a holiday back to reality, and that’s receiving your phone bill at the end of it all. 

However, there should soon be an end in sight to these ridiculously overpriced roaming charges for those heading to Europe as the European Union has just agreed to end mobile roaming charges.

The deal sealed by the EU’s country representatives also means that Internet users will be able to access content without being unfairly slowed down or blocked.

The charges are set to be abolished within the EU by June 2017

A transition phase will begin next April when charges will already be four times lower for some consumers.

From April 2016, telecoms operators will be able to add a surcharge of no more than:

  • €0.05 (3.5p) extra per minute for calls
  • €0.02 extra per SMS sent
  • €0.05 extra per megabyte of data used

There has been an ongoing argument about this for years and it finally seems as if the campaigning has paid off and we are now making leeway and the cap would make roaming within the EU 75% cheaper during the interim period!

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