Eurovision Flashback!

Eurovision Flashback!

Since the Eurovision song contest is about to take place once again for another year! I’ve decided to take you all on a look back over my top 5 favourite acts from previous years! This is definitely a show worth staying in to watch, even if it is just to se the most weird and wonderful acts known to man!

1. Number one has to be the bearded woman in drag! Conchita Wurst won it for Russia last year with her performance! 

2. Number two has to be ABBA! How could I not include the one and only time we won the full show? I loved this performance!

3. 2006 was probably the year of the most unlikely winners! Can anyone remember Lordi? This extremely strange rock band scared the living daylight out of me! 10 out of 10 for costume effort though.

4. I can’t complete this list without putting my favourite Blue boys in here! They may not of won it for us, or even came close, however I certainly enjoyed watching them try!

5. A perfect example of the eurovision getting weird! Ukraine’s act in 2007 really stole the show for me. Where can I get one of those outfits?


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