Every Recall In The UK

There have been a ton of recalls in the UK lately

It’s hard to keep up so I have put together every recall in the UK in one place for you

A lot of you ask why I post recalls on my website rather than my Facebook page, there are a few reasons…

  • If someone hears about a recall, you automatically head to google and search for information on that particular recall. If I only posted about it on my Facebook page then that person on Google may not see the information.
  • Facebook only delivers our posts to a very small percentage of our followers so not everyone will see the post. This is why we will post the recall post a few times at different times of the day to ensure no one misses out.
  • The recall information is easier to find on my website if you wish to come back to it for more information at a later date rather than having to scroll through all my Facebook posts
  • The shorter the Facebook posts are, the more likely they will reach people – it’s a crazy Facebook algorithm, which means we wouldn’t be able to provide full information.

This list covers the last 6 month, apart from the Cotbed which is a little older but there are still 10 of these out there…

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