Everyone Can Now Get Student Discount

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 Did you know that everyone can now get student discount?

It is a bit sneaky but there is nothing to say we can’t do this…

So why not give it a go and become a student to enable you to take full advantage of the discount students are able to get.

You have to follow this step by step guide to make sure you do this correctly…

  1. Simply choose a cheap online course to sign up to. Wowcher have some under £20.
  2. When you have bought one of the courses you need to redeem the voucher. Make sure you redeem your voucher before it expires. 
  3. Then apply for an NUS card using eCareers as your place of study. The NUS Extra card will cost you £12 for a 12 month card.

Some of the discounts you can get with the NUS card are fantastic. I have a full list of student discount here or see below for an example of a few…

Apple up to 15% discount 

Amazon 5% off everything

Asos 10% off 

Frankie & Bennys 20% off

Free food at McDonalds when you buy a meal

o2 give you up to 35% off their contracts

  • While it does cost you up front to be able to get a student card and start taking advantage of student discount, it is well worth it in the long run for all the discount you can get.
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