Experts reveal the age you will be happiest, but do you agree?

Experts reveal the age you will be happiest, but do you agree?

Experts have revealed the age in which you are most likely to be the happiest in your life, and It’s not what I would have expected, but do you agree?

Believe it or not, a survey has been conducted by the Medical Research Council and they have followed 1,700 people across their lives to find out when exactly is the best time of our lives.

The research found that late sixties and seventies are the prime time of our lives! Sounds slightly hard to believe. The research was based on how cheerful, relaxed and confident participants felt. People in their late sixties reported the highest levels of life satisfaction.

65 – 79 was the happiest age group, I’m guessing that’s because this age group has less things to feel stressed about.

Dr Mai Stafford, the programme leader from the Medical Research Council told the BBC:

“We found that one in five experienced a substantial increase in wellbeing in later life, although we also found a smaller group who experienced a substantial decline.

“The benefit of using a cohort study like this is that we can look at how individuals change over time.

“We hope this will allow us to pinpoint which common experiences may be linked to an improvement in wellbeing in later life.”

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