Experts reveal the amount of time you should wait until you get married.

Experts reveal the amount of time you should wait until you get married.

Do you think there should be a minimum time introduced before people can get married? It may sound quite ridiculous but according to new research, Britain has one of the highest divorce rates in the European Union, and Dr Helen Fisher claims to know exactly why.

She explains to Big Think: “One of the problems with early stage intense feelings of romantic love is that It’s part of the oldest part of the brain that become activated, brain regions linked with drive, with craving, with obsession, with motivation.

“In fact some cognitive regions up in the prefrontal cortex that have evolved more recently begin to shut down, brain regions linked with decision making [and] planning ahead.”

We’ve all heard stories of whirlwind marriages, whether they be celebrity or not and It’s true that the majority don’t stand the test of time. However, how soon is too soon?

Well apparently couples should get married when they feel ready, but wait AT LEAST two years. That is the absolute minimum recommended time for couples to get married.

Do you think everyone should live by that rule? The research suggests that 2.8 marriages break up for every thousand that take place which is quite a high number. Would this be the perfect solution to the nation’s divorce problems? Or should couples be encouraged to get married in the honeymoon period?

I know that everyone will have different experiences when it comes to marriage and opinions will be divided, but I’d love to hear all of your thoughts on this topic to find out if you think the time limit is a reasonable idea.

Let me know whether you agree with Dr Helen and her research and join my poll below.

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