Experts reveal safe amount of time to between pregnancies!

Experts reveal safe amount of time to between pregnancies!

Are you leaving enough time between your pregnancies? Well a new study conducted by the Centres Of Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that one-third of women don’t allow enough space between having children.

According to the research, falling pregnant again less than 18 months after a baby’s birth is more likely to be problematic. The research suggests women should ideally wait around 18 months before falling pregnant again.

The University of Florida said: “Pregnancies that occur before a woman has time to regain her health status, replenish her maternal stores (particularly of folate and red blood cells), restore her hormonal balance, or to establish strong bonds with her previous newborn create physical and mental stress that can lead to serious medical complications for both her and her next newborn.”

The research goes on to state that a short interval between pregnancies may also ‘affect the risk of preterm birth and low birth rate.’

I personally know lots of mothers who have had plenty of children who are quite close in age who are perfectly happy and healthy so I’m guessing this is more general advice than strict guidelines!

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