Experts say parents should be setting earlier bedtimes for kids.

Experts say parents should be setting earlier bedtimes for kids.

We all know plenty of sleep is important for our kids, but do we realise just how much difference it actually makes? Well a new study conducted by the Journal of Sleep Research explains exactly why we should be encouraging our kids to go to bed sooner rather than later.

I posted a post on the page a few months ago about a school who gave a chart to parents stating the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ times pupils of certain ages should be going to bed.

This post completely divided the opinions of parents across the country, but will this research manage to change your minds?

The study reveals hard evidence to suggest that the earlier a child goes to bed, the better their academic performance. 

The findings state that by encouraging children to go to bed earlier and encouraging similar bed and sleeping times during the week, you are ensuring a high academic performance.

The research analysed data from 8,000 teens and has concluded a strong link between sleep patterns and academic performance.

There will be further studies conducted in the future to investigate further how the association between sleep and school impacts upon future educational status and professional work.

Do you think there is a right or a wrong time to send your child to bed? Join my poll below and let me know your thoughts on this post. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this research and whether or not you will be taking the information on board yourself now you are aware of the academic links connected with sleep patterns.

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