Facebook are making some big changes…

Facebook are making some big changes…

You may stop seeing posts from us because of this  *cries*

So, Facebook have announced they are going to be making some big changes to their news feed and what people see.

You will see more updates from friends and family, more funny pictures and more Live Facebook videos – This sounds fab, BUT…

They are going to dramatically reduce the amount of posts you see from pages. So if you currently ‘like’ my Facebook page then you may no longer see my posts and you could miss out on the next best bargain or a current glitch – I hate the thought of anyone paying full price so you can make a few small changes to ensure you can still grab your bargains.

  • On the Facebook page, select us as ‘See first’ that way, our posts will be near the top of your news feed.

Facebook are making some big changes To do this on desktop, simply hover over the ‘liked’ button and select ‘see first’ rather than ‘default’.

Facebook are making some big changes On mobile, click the ‘following’ button and select ‘see first’. (I had to use a different page other than AMS for this example as I don’t get this option on my mobile)

  • Alternatively you can keep an eye on our web page that has EVERY post we have ever posted, it is a great tool to refer back to incase you missed something. See that tool here…
  • We also have Twitter, however it isn’t used much @ashleighmoney
  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • You can also keep an eye on our website here for some of the top deals and latest news stories.

If you have some favourite pages on Facebook and you would still like to see what they post, you should be able to follow the same tips for them.

Please help spread the word about this…

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