FAQ’s With Ashleigh Money Saver…

Hey! I am Ashleigh and I thought I would take some time out and answer my frequently asked questions.

Hopefully this will get you well on your way to saving £££’s

FAQ’s with Ashleigh Money Saver…

  • How do I submit a bargain I have found? You can submit a deal you find on our website on our new We Heart Deals section. Doing this enables everyone on my website to see the bargain you have found. It also frees up some of my time which enables me to continue to hunt down bargains for you all. Submit a deal here .
  • Where can I check to see if I have won the daily draw and why is it on your website? The daily draw is a website only competition as a reward for everyone who not only follows me on my Facebook page but on my website too. I have recently increased the prize from £50 a day to £100 a day! You can check here to see if you are a winner.
  • How do I buy the bargains you post? Simply click on the link in the post and it will take you directly to the retailers website. I don’t actually sell the items myself, I hunt out the best bargains and post them on my page for you. Doing this enables you to go directly to the retailer to buy so you can purchase safely and securely.
  • Do you find all the bargains yourself? I used to when this page was a hobby and in the early days of the business but now it has got so popular there is a team of us. My team are fantastic, they help to keep the bargains flowing and it means I can also get some time with my family now too instead of working 7am – 10pm 7 days a week. You can meet my team here…
  • How do you make money doing this? Advertising on my website as well as earning a small commission on each product you buy if you have clicked on one of our links. This doesn’t make the product any more expensive for you, it comes from the retailer. I am not paid ‘per click’ like I’ve had people mention in the past, I am only paid if you buy something, even then it is less than 10p per sale usually which is why we work super hard to bring you quality deals 🙂
  • Do you post sponsored posts? Only if they’re quality deals. We are often asked by companies to post deals from them but we will only do it if they offer is either exclusive to us or a very very good deal.
  • What is Ashleigh’s power switch? My power switch was such a simple but fantastic idea. We all hate large fuel bills and even using comparison sites proves an expensive way to switch as you are usually paying for gimmicks. I decided to make a stand and go directly to the fuel companies and asked if we could get a group discount if enough of us were interested in switching fuel providers – I was able to secure a great deal for everyone that registered their interest. The savings per person were huge, between £200 – £500 a year to be precise! 
  • Can I get involved in any way? yes, of course! Submit any money saving tips and deals you find to me via my Facebook page or [email protected] and I will share the best.
  • How often are products reduced on Amazon and Ebay? All day long! If there is something you really want but it is a little too expensive right now, why not fill in our price drop alert? We will email you as soon as the price goes down.

  • I have heard anyone become a product tester, is this true? It is but I wouldn’t rely on it for getting you tons of free high end items. I have been doing it for years and while I have so many fantastic products to test and keep for free, they are often few and far between. Find out more here…
  • I am raising money for charity, can you help? I wish I could help everyone that contacts me but I get so many requests so I have decided to help one charity every so often.


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