Fat Hippo Newcastle Lunch Deal

Have you paid a visit to Fat Hippo in Newcastle?

If not, then you are seriously missing out! 

Fat Hippo was established in Newcastle in 2010, I am ashamed to say, it has taken me 5 year to pay them a visit.

I had heard lots of good things about Fat Hippo from friends and family, it is my brothers favourite restaurant!

So finally, after 5 year, my husband and I decided to visit our local Fat Hippo which is in Jesmond. There is also another in Newcastle city centre called Fat Hippo underground… because it is actually underground. 

On the way to the restuarent, I put out a tweet to say I was visiting that day and I had a tweet from Katie, who runs Lady From A Tramp blogrecommending me the sauces. See the images below for the sauces 😉

We visited on a week day afternoon for the lunch menu. The lunch menu will only set you back £5 a person and walking into the restaurant it smelt sooooo good! 

It looked as though they get quite busy, which is always a good sign! 

lunch menu The lunch menu, your choice of 3 beef burgers, a chicken burger or a veggi burger served in a brioche bun with handcut chips.

I highly recommend the milkshakes from Fat Hippo too! I opted for Strawberry flavour and it was delicious 🙂

When our lunch arrived, we were surprised at how big the portion size was for a lunch menu, not that we complained, it was delicious and we managed to eat the lot.

One of my favourite touches about the restaurant was you don’t get napkins on your table, you actually get a roll of kitchen roll – informal but really nice touch!

kitchen roll

You can also order from the full menu at lunch time, which looks delicious so I will be paying another visit to give that a try when I get a night off.

We did order a starter from the main menu, which is called ‘Dirty Skins’ – Double fried potato skins topped with bacon and Fat Hippo sauce. We decided to just order one starter and share it… I wish I had ordered my own now, it was too good to share!

If you are passing a Fat Hippo, looking for somewhere in Newcastle to lunch or even passing through Newcastle, I highly recommend Fat Hippo.

A top notch lunch for only £5, you can’t go wrong – a money savers favourite 🙂

Visit Fat Hippo website here.

Visit Fat Hippo Facebook page here.

fh4 My husband, Aaron, trying to hide his excitement – He has been waiting 5 year to visit Fat Hippo.

fh1 The sauces Katie recommended. Love the names! 

fh6 I will be back to try one of these 😉


fh9 Full menu

fh10 Full menu

fh3 Dirty skins. They were unreal!

fh11 Lunch has arrived!

fh7 Tasty!

fh2 Aaron enjoying his burger.



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