Father’s Day Guide – For The DIY Mad Dad

Everyone knows a dad who’s obsessed with DIY. Whether he’s your dad, your kids’ dad, or even a friend’s dad, there’s always one who loves nothing more than building and fixing things. If he’s got one tool kit too many, here’s what to get him this Father’s Day…

Personalised Mug


Next time he’s painting a fence, or putting up a shelf, he can do it whilst enjoying a brew out of a mug with your face on! I mean, really, which dad wouldn’t want that?

BBQ Toolbox


How incredible is this portable BBQ?! Just don’t forget to buy him some burgers too…

Grow Your Own Pizza Toppings


I’m pretty sure any green-fingered dad would relish the idea of growing his own pizza toppings! Not only will he get the satisfaction of eating the pizza, but knowing he grew the toppings too.

Clinique For Men Essentials Kit


Think your dad could maybe take care of his skin a little bit better? Especially if your old man does a lot of outdoor DIY, he should really be protecting his skin against the sun with a daily SPF. This Clinique for Men set would be a great way of encouraging him to start a skincare routine.

Check back tomorrow for the fashion dad gift edit!

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