Your Favourite Compact Doll Polly Pocket Is Making A Comeback!

If you were an avid collector of Polly Pocket compacts when you were a kid, you’ll be excited to hear that they’re making a comeback, and with a trendy, modern look!

If you were a child of the 80’s/ 90’s you will have more than likely either been a mad collector of the highly popular dolls, or know someone who was. They were such a hit that many were devastated to hear the brand Mattel were discontinuing the toy in 1998.

They did previously have a revamp where they became much bigger, and the sets weren’t portable, but lets not talk about that travesty.

So children of the nineties rejoice, because they’re making a comeback, and with a fab new makeover for today’s children.

The toy was thought up by Chris Wiggs, who created the set for his daughter using a powder compact, which would later blow up in to the major brand Polly Pocket. It provided kids with portable doll play sets that they could literally fit in their pockets and take anywhere they liked.

Image: Ebay

They contained teeny tiny dolls and detailed scenes, which fyi, hurt like lego when you accidentally stood on them.

The new versions are a little bigger, but are still easily transportable, and have cute little mod cons like pets, guitars, and even a limo!

Image: Polly Pocket

How great does this tropical beach look? We love Polly’s new outfits too!

Image: Polly Pocket

If you have a kid who loves music, they’ll think this pop star set is great!

Image: Polly Pocket

OMG how fun does this ski resort look!? Think I need this one in my life…

There are loads more of sets to be collected too!

The new toys reportedly go on sale from June, but currently only in America, so hopefully they’ll hit the UK soon. But if you’re really desperate to introduce your kids to the joys of Polly Pocket, or like us, need one for yourself just for purely nostalgic reasons, internet shopping is a wonderful thing!

The new versions have been updated for modern kids and do seem to look a bit clunkier, so if you’re a major fan and prefer the original version, why not check out listings for the vintage version on Ebay instead!?

Either way, we’re super excited that Polly is back on the block!

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