Festive Flavours – Coca Cola To Launch Cinnamon Flavour For Christmas

Is there any flavours more festive than cinnamon? Cult pop brand Coca Cola are set to release a cinnamon flavoured drink in time for the festive season.

Over the past few months Coca Cola have come out with some funky flavours featured in their zero sugar range and this one is no exception.

This new edition is due to hit the shelves this week but you better stock up!  It’s only sticking around until the end of the year.

The drink will be available in 500ml and 1.5l bottles

It comes following the success of their Cherry and Vanilla flavours, which were introduced in 2017.

Cinnamon Coke will be joining the other newest members of the flavour family, Exotic Mango, Feisty Cherry and Peach.





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