Find The Perfect Home Using Rightmove’s Property Search

Find The Perfect Home Using Rightmove’s Property Search

There are several different ways to use the search feature, on the Rightmove website, to give you the best results for what you’re looking for.

There are four ways for searching for a property:

  • Standard Search:

In the standard search you select the location or the property, then if you would like to buy or rent. The results are then shown. You can then refine your search by different variables. This includes the price, bedrooms, type of property, the search radius and how long it has been on the site. This way of searching allows you to find an idle for you and your family. Seeing how long the property has been on the site allows you to know if there has been a change in price for not, so you know if you could get the property of even cheaper or not.

To use this feature Click Here.

  • Browse Map

This is where you select the country you want to live in, then selecting the region and then area within that region. You can then select different areas from where you have selected. You will also have the ability to see properties to buy, properties to rent or by estate agent. Alternatively, you can input your post code to find properties near your current home.

To use this feature Click Here.

  • Draw A Sketch

This search feature is where you can draw a boarder for the search. The search will bring back results to buy or rent within the boarder you created. You will be able to see the cheapest or highest priced properties. You will also be able to save the region to use at a later time.

To use this feature Click Here.

  • London Tube Map

Another way you can search for a property on Rightmove is by using the London tube search. This is where you select a tube station you would often use or want to live near and selecting either the buy, rent or estate agent option. It then gathers results within half a mile. You can then change the radius, min/max price, min/max bedroom and property type.

To use this feature Click Here.

Signing up with the website is another thing you should do when looking for a home. Signing up allows you to save searches and share properties with other devices.

You could also sign up with different estate agents. This will allow you to see properties that are not even listed on the Rightmove website yet.

Looking for recently added properties is another tip to follow, as this allows you to see the price change and when the best time to buy would be. This could get you a cheaper deal on your dream home.

Alternatively, finding properties that have been on for a while could mean that the seller is more willing to sell and maybe even at a lower price.

Another tip if you can’t find you dream home, increase you max. radius by a few miles. This may mean that you are a little further away from essential place, but you will be a home that you want to spend a longer period of time. This is better than compromising on a house you don’t like as much as other because of convenience and end up moving again in a few years.

If you are looking for your dream home, give Rightmove a go. You never know, you might just find the perfect home.


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