Fined or jailed for posting photos of your kids on Facebook

Fined or jailed for posting photos of your kids on Facebook

This can actually happen in France but should it happen here in the UK?

According to the French government’s notoriously strict privacy laws, parents could be slapped with thousands of pounds in fines – or even a prison term – for posting any intimate pictures without their children’s permission.

The fine could top a whopping £35,000 if we are found to have breached our child’s right to privacy when they were younger.

We all love to share a photo of our child every now and again, however we should all make sure we have solid settings in place to ensure no one else can see those photos apart from your close family and friends.

Professor Nicola Whitton from Manchester Metropolitan University told The Guardian: “I think we’re going to get a backlash in years to come from young people coming to realise that they’ve had their whole lives, from the day they were born, available to social media. Parents have to work out what’s right for them, but be aware that this is another person, another human being, who may not thank them for it in 15 years to come. It may seem hard, but my line would be don’t put pictures online until they’re of an age where it’s appropriate to discuss it with them.”

I love to share photos of my children with close family and friends and I love seeing photos of their children. However, I HATE to see images that my friends have posted of their children in the bath or sitting on a potty – I think it is totally unacceptable.

So what do you think of this? Should we introduce laws like this in the UK?


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