Fines for parents who drop off children at school gates

Fines for parents who drop off children at school gates

I have to say, I am all for this…

Primary schools are banning parents from dropping children off at the gate in their cars and are using teachers as traffic wardens to fine offenders £100.

If the same parent is caught 3 times then they could be taken to court which would result in a criminal record.

Using new anti-social behaviour powers, staff will be able to hand out penalty notices.

There will also be CCTV installed outside six primary schools across the UK and anyone caught dropping off their children by car at the gates will be fined.

I remember when I was in primary school and the traffic around the school was always an issue, then one day a close friend was knocked down and killed at the school gates. I still remember it happening and the effect it had on all the staff and children in school that day – so this is long over due I think. The traffic improved around the school for a long time after that but unfortunately it has gone back to how it was and it is just an accident waiting to happen again.

Una Connolly, head of Wykeham Primary school in Romford said ”The only way we’re going to stop these parents, and it’s only a small minority, is by prosecution. The traffic warden was here on Friday, and nobody takes any notice because they don’t really have any powers to do anything.’

Councillor Robert Benham said: ‘This is not about money this is about safety and changing driving behaviours. Last year we issued 1200 parking tickets around schools but with these new measures we hope this is going to drive down penalties and change behaviour and improve safety around schools.’

What do you think? Do you think parents should be fined £100 for dropping their children off at the school gates? or do you think there are better ways to deal with the problem?

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