Five of the best late Family Gift Ideas this Christmas

December is hurtling by and incredible as it may seem, Christmas will soon be upon us. The window for buying gifts for all the family is closing fast but if you still have presents on your list, don’t despair – there is still time.

Below are five gift suggestions that can be easily located on the high street or, for those who can’t face the scrum of buyers in the real world, fast deliveries are available online and we hope this offers some useful suggestions for all types of family member.

The ‘In’ Drink

Gifts of alcohol will always be popular for adult family members but while a bottle of wine or a case of beer may be unimaginative, there is a new drink on the block that keeps you in touch with the in crowd.

Anyone who frequents pubs and bars, even on an occasional basis, could not have failed to notice that there is a big marketing drive around gin at the moment. Classic and flavoured gins have their own space in bar displays and it’s no surprise that there are a number of tempting boxed sets available in this festive season.

Ranging from just a few pounds to £100.00 and beyond, there are options online but for convenience, most high street supermarkets offer a wide selection. From single bottles to tasting ranges, consumers can also buy sets with souvenir glasses so there are lots of alternatives for the gin lover in your family.

On the Cards

The rise in online gaming has given traditional games such as poker a new lease of life to the point where this, and other card games, are more popular than ever. Away from the digital world, this classic game is being played in homes all across the globe while clubs, pubs and bars have introduced poker nights as part of their planned entertainment.

A simple pack of cards with themed backs can be a useful stocking filler but for a more impressive present, why not consider a full poker set? If you choose wisely, this can be the perfect gift for a beginner, even featuring the rules of poker, making it perfect for all ages. These can be attractively presented in a case which contains two decks of cards, plus chips and everything needed to start playing and prices range from a modest £15.00 to around £60.00 and beyond.

Fun for all the Family

While poker may be an option for older members of the family, there are some classic board games available that everyone can enjoy. It’s therefore time to dust off that old Monopoly set and get ready for some light-hearted internal disputes but while the classics are tough to beat, there is a host of new family board games available for 2018.

Frenetic is a game that is widely available and while there are a number of options that involve word play, this also combines the periodic table to provide some advanced learning. Other popular titles to make it onto the lists of top board games this year include When in Rome, Azul and, as a variation on an old theme, there is the Monopoly Cheaters Edition.

Giving Something Back

Christmas is a time when we can all over-indulge on occasion and it can therefore be worthwhile to think of those who aren’t in a position to enjoy the festive season. All members of the family can feel that they are giving something back by purchasing one of a number of stylish gifts that donate a percentage of profits back to charity.

There’s the Vivienne Westwood Save the Rainforest T shirt, as modelled by Kate Moss, or the RNLI wash bag. Centre Point and the Marie Curie Foundation are among dozens of other charities that can benefit from lovely Christmas gift ideas and a quick Google search will offer plenty of inspiration.

Fit as a Fiddle

Health and wellbeing are key areas for ecommerce and at Christmas, when most of us have over-indulged a little, it’s a perfect time to check out all of the latest fitness gifts. From health and workout monitors to a new range of detox kits, the high street, and the online retailers, have everything covered.

To maintain a healthy balance, why not consider a Kefir kit that can save money on expensive purchases of this fermented drink in the shops? The classic FitBit remains a popular seller and this is the time of year when health-conscious cookbooks will also hit the market. Fitness can definitely be a focus and gifts in this category would suit most members of the family from older children upwards.

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