Flying with BA is going to get even more expensive

British Airways have announced that they are going to start charging for in-flight food on short-haul services

British Airways has announced that it will bring it’s policy of free food and drink for all passengers on it’s flights as it tries to compete with cheaper rivals Easyjet and Ryan Air

BA has always included food and drink for everyone on both long haul and short haul flights, but as they try to compete with their air fares on short haul flights, they are looking to make money back by charging for food and drinks. Supermarket chain Waitrose is tipped to be the supplier for snacks and drinks.

But while this makes sense for the business some of the cabin crew have already expressed concerns about the new increased workload as they have to serve everyone and take money on flights that are sometimes only an hour long.

It’s not yet clear when the changes will take place – so if you’re flying with BA in the mean time make sure you take full advantage of the complimentary meals!

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