Forget Chocolate, A CHEESE Egg Has Been Released For Easter

If you’re more into savoury than sweet, we’ve found the Easter egg for you…

Asda are stocking a cheese egg this Easter – cleverly named the ‘Cheester Egg’.

This egg, unfortunately, isn’t totally made of cheese. It’s half-egg shaped (that side is ultra cheesy), and the other half contains a number of condiments to enjoy with your savoury treat.

Really, it’s basically a cheese board in egg form.

James Clapham, the commercial manager of Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses (the company behind the Cheester Egg), said:

“We’re a nation of cheese fanatics, so we know consumers will love the Cheester Egg. It’s an unexpected yet delicious twist on a traditional Easter favourite, and we can’t wait for Asda customers to enjoy our handmade quality blue cheese.”

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