Forget the 99p store, the 25p store has opened!

Forget the 99p store, the 25p store has opened!

There’s no denying that 99p and pound shops are amazing value for money, but just when we thought things couldn’t get any cheaper, here comes the 25p store!

Yes that’s right one lady has had the genius idea of opening a 25p store. That means all of her stock is ONLY 25p!

The bargain brand food outlet has been opened in her home town Newquay in Cornwall which is by far the cheapest grocery store in Britain.

The store has been so successful that the 20-year-old owner is already planning on opening two more.

Most of her stock comes from distributors who supply the supermarkets, but they choose not to take it due to manufacturing defects, such as damaged packaging or incorrect labels.

Items sold in the store include fresh meat, dairy, tinned foods and even hair dye and the aim is to give cash-strapped people in Charlotte’s area an alternative to using food banks.

Charlotte told The Sun: “Most of what we sell is stuff that’s coming up to its sell-by date, but that’s not the same as its expiry date.

“Everything is perfectly fine, but the supermarket has to get it off its shelves and it would otherwise end up straight in landfill.

“It’s really taken off. Hopefully in the next six months I’ll have another two shops, which I’m planning to open in St Austell and Penzance.

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