Four new laws this month to take note of!

Four new laws this month to take note of!

So this October four new laws have come into practice. All of which will probably effect us in some way, shape or form so I thought I’d do a quick post highlighting the changes to you all!

No more smoking in cars with children.

First things first, as you’ve probably all heard on the news, it is now illegal to smoke in the car if it has a child in. Those who are caught doing so could face a £50 fine which is definitely not worth it for the sake of hanging on until you are child free. Vaping is still aloud, as is smoking in the car with children if you are fortunate enough to have a car with a convertible roof.

30 day refund right.

A 30-day refund right is now mandatory by law.

This will only apply for faulty goods, with shops only having to have a ‘reasonable’ refund period previously, which was also dependent on the item in question.

This has now been included in the Consumers Credit Act, with online purchases offered more protection.

Ten minute parking ticket rule.

Have you ever been hit with a parking ticket for being only a few minutes over your time limit? There’s nothing worse! But now traffic wardens will be forced to give all drivers a ten minute grace period before handing out the dreaded ticket! They also will no longer be rewarded on the amount of tickets they issue.

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in rented accommodation.

In rented accommodation, smoke alarms will now have to be installed on each floor. Carbon monoxide alarms are also required in every room.

According to government stats, once the law is enforced, it will prevent 25 deaths and 700 injuries a year.


If you are a landlord and choose to ignore the new law, then you could be fined £5,000.

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