‘Free The Bladder’ Petition

‘Free The Bladder’ Petition

When you need to go, you need to go, so when the head teacher of Perth Grammer School, Fiona Robertson, decided to not let pupil use the restroom there was uproar by both students and parents.

The students and parents decided to come together to start a petition. So, at Midnight on Monday the petition was started to show the headteacher that it is wrong to not let students use the toilet.

The head did say that the toilets are only closed during lessons and students are allowed to use them during break time.

There are roughly 1,100 students and if just half of them need to use the restroom during a break time not all of them will be able to go because that would be about 5500 people using the toilet facilities at once and unless they have hundreds of toilets not all of them will be able to go in one break time.

However, in real emergencies you can get a key to the toilets from reception.

The ban was reportedly put in place to keep students in their class rooms during lessons. However, keeping them from the toilets has been called a number of things, including ‘idiotic’, ‘outdated’ and ‘a breach of kids’ human rights’.

A spokesperson for Perth and Kinross council has said that students needing to be excused for the restroom is an ‘ongoing problem’ at the school.

The petition currently has over 2,000 signatures with a goal of 5,000 and you can contribute to this cause in the hope of shedding some light onto what a wrong and unjust thing the ban really is.

Click Here To Sign The Petition.

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