Free Food From Harvester Restaurants

We love sneaky tricks that can save you a good few pound and this one is pretty good!

Find out how to get free food from Harvester restaurants!

We all love promotions where you can earn yourself free food when you visit a restaurant, but there is always a catch. You usually have to make a purchase to claim your freebie, however it looks as though Harvester have forgot to add that into their latest promotional terms and conditions meaning you walk into a Harvester and get free food!

Allow me to explain more…

  • Simply follow the link below to the new Harvester promotion
  • You will be asked to shuffle the playing cards. There are prizes on each card apart from one which is a ‘no win’ card.
  • Prizes include; free starter, free dessert, free drink plus a few more.
  • The playing cards are turned over so you can’t see the prize and you select one of the cards at random.
  • If you choose a winning card then you enter your email address and that voucher is emailed to you.
  • Walk into a Harvester, show your voucher, get your freebie and leave!

Simple as that!

No where in the terms and conditions does it mention that you need to make a purchase when claiming your prize.

I have just won a free ice cream sundae, let me know what you win 🙂

Click here to visit the promotion.

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