Free Glucose Meter

Would a free glucose meter help you out?

Available to anyone on insulin therapy

This is a great freebie for anyone who uses insulin. The OneTouch Select®Plus blood glucose meter is a fantastic device which can help you understand what your result means.

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The benefits of this machine are;

  • It is simple to use
  • It has a 3 colour range indicator for your results. Blue – low, green – in range and red – high
  • Meal tagging puts results in context
  • The test time only takes 5 seconds and you can be sure of their accuracy
  • Uses 2 3V CR2032 lithium batteries (included)
  • It has a 500 test memory

If you want a simple-to-use meter that will help you understand your blood glucose results, then this is the meter for you.

When you order OneTouch Select®Plus, you will also get the latest lancing system, the OneTouch® Delica®, included in your pack.

The monitor is worth £19.99 

The test strips you use with the monitor are available on the NHS, if you go to your local Lloyds Pharmacy they will write a letter to your GP asking them to prescribe them for you.

To see if you qualify for the OneTouch Select®Plus, simply fill in this form

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