Free Motor Legal Cover
Free Motor Legal Cover

What is Free Motor Legal?

Free Motor Legal is “the free alternative to buying motor legal protection cover/ legal expenses insurance” as an add on to your motor insurance. Instead of buying an annual legal expenses policy that runs alongside your motor insurance, we offer free membership at that lasts for life! So there is no need to renew each year, no matter how many cars, vans or motorcycles you own. 

What is included?

Our members receive the same service in the event of a motor accident claim that people obtain through legal protection insurance, namely;

·         24/7 Claims reporting service (UK call centres)

·         Like for like replacement hire vehicle

·         Your own choice of repairer

·         Repairs to your vehicle or write off settlement pursued

·         Uninsured loss recovery, such as lost earnings, medical expenses, policy excess

·         Private treatment of injuries, such as physiotherapy

·         Specialist solicitor to pursue injury compensation with 100% of damages (no deductions taken)

Members receive a membership pack with card & key ring containing the Freephone contact number to report any incident. Calling us before your motor insurer in the event of a claim may avoid you having to pay your excess. We also have free apps for iPhone and Android users to download which are very handy if you have an accident as they ask you to take down vital information that people can often forget to collect at the scene. They prompt the person to take photos to help prove their claim. The claim can even be reported via the app. All members also receive an “accident survival checklist” which is a glove box guide on what to do after a collision and what information to take down. So many people leave the scene of a collision without getting vital information and can often prejudice their own claim, such as not taking photos or getting witness names. We ensure our members are able to present the best possible case.

We also send a regular newsletter keeping our members in touch with any developments and savings. We are currently looking at an exclusive members deal for dashboard cameras at discounted rates. Many insurers are now starting to offer discounts if a camera is fitted.

Our free annual membership saves on average £30.00 off annual insurance costs, more if you pay monthly for your insurance cover. Households with several cars can save over £100 a year (as each separately insured car/van/bike probably has it’s own legal expenses policy). You can change your insurer each year and it does not matter how many vehicles you own, Free Motor Legal membership continues each year, free of charge for life! 

We use many of the same companies to assist our members that the legal expenses providers use. They also earn commissions from the companies they use, as well as charging you £30 a year.

Free Legal Motor CoverHow can this be free?

As we are not selling you an actual insurance product, we have little costs. We are largely internet based, but with full 24/7 telephone contact. Our services are outsourced only to UK based providers who pay commission and marketing fees to us when a member uses the service, such as a hire car is provided after an accident. All of our service providers are paid by the insurance company of the person who caused the accident, so no costs to our members. The appointed solicitor will act under a no win- no fee arrangement, but will not deduct any fees or expenses from the settlement. So you keep 100% of your compensation, guaranteed!

If this is no win no fee, why not just call one of the companies off the TV?

Since April 2013, solicitors costs were massively capped and the insurance company of the party at fault no longer has to pay a success fee to the winning party. Success fees are now paid by the client. Therefore over 99% of solicitors acting under a no win no fee agreement will now deduct 25% from the client’s settlement. Therefore if you don’t have motor legal protection or Free Motor Legal membership, you could end up handing over several £££ of your compensation. Plus, after an accident, do you really have the time to go searching around for someone to deal with your claim and, just because their advert is fancy, does that make them any good?

So what’s the catch?

There genuinely isn’t one! We provide exactly the same support after a non-fault or disputed accident claim that legal protection insurers do. Providing you don’t drive your car overseas (we only deal with accident claims in England, Scotland & Wales) and providing you don’t need motor prosecution defence insurance, you can get exactly the same service from Free Motor Legal as with a legal protection policy, but without the costs of paying for an annual policy. There is no minimum claim value, so if you just need a policy excess claiming or some minor accident damage sorting, we can assist. We can only deal with accidents where you are able to blame somebody else, either in full of partially, but this is the same as what paid for legal cover does. Providing there are reasonable prospects of success, we will do all we can. Full terms & conditions are on our website.

Big savings!

Free Legal CoverIn 2015 we have set ourselves a target of saving British motorists £100 Million! All they have to do is register for free today with and never have to pay for motor legal cover again, ever! Thousands have already found the new way of saving on their motor insurance costs each year, join the revolution!






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