Free Oreo cookies

Free Oreo cookies

Want to get your hands on some FREE Oreo cookies?

Do you want to try out some of the newest Oreo cookie flavours?

Well Oreo is going on tour and you can try their latest flavours before anyone else – best of all it is free!

The 2 new flavours are mint and strawberry cheesecake.

The Oreo flavour mobile will be handing out free Oreo’s in the following locations across the UK;

Bath, Southgate: September 4 to 5
Bestival: September 8 to 11
Birmingham, Victoria Square: September 15
Birmingham, St Martin’s Square: September 16 & 17
Manchester, Exchange Square: September 18 to 20
Liverpool, Church Street: September 23 to 25
Leeds, Dortmund Square: September 26 & 27
Leeds, Albion Street: September 28
Newcastle, Northumberland St North: October 1 to 3

Free Oreo cookies

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